Nov 19, 2022 • 1HR 2M

Cyberpunk: Systems of Influence, an Evolving Self, and Acts of Rebellion

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Through this podcast, I hope to further my journey into ideas, philosophy, spirituality, psychedelics, and science by utilizing everything around us from our culture, myths, religions, films, tv shows, books, poetry, music…and anything else you can think of. My intention is to create a space to question our belief structures and present ideas through an entertaining, empowering, and thought-provoking method. I do this by explaining my own struggles, and interpretations, and bringing in information that has helped me make sense of this strange existence. So, this public journal of mine is a personal experiment that I hope others find useful. I’m hoping my vulnerability is something you will be able to relate to. And then know you’re not alone in this confusing existence!
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The essence of the theme for this episode: If we begin seeing that the system or the political is what produces the individual or our concept of the personal...then we realize the personal or the individual has never really existed.

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